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75-85% of traffic to software directories like G2 and Capterra comes from Google to their category pages. We've analyzed search traffic data for the 18,000 categories of the top 25 directories, helping you identify the most valuable ones. Data sourced from Ahrefs in April, 2024.

Traffic: number of visitors the category receives from Google search (organic only).
Keywords: number of keywords the category ranks for in Google.

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URL Category Keywords Traffic

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Our Picks for the Top 20 SaaS Directories

For potential customers finding your SaaS product can feel like finding a needle in the haystack.

With so many options available, how will you ensure your product is visible in the right place at the right time? SaaS directory listings are one way to go.

A SaaS directory helps software buyers do comparison shopping. While it gives your product the much needed visibility, it does more for your brand awareness than you think.

Getting your product listed in SaaS directories leads to product education. Buyers compare products based on cost, reviews and features, thereby learning about different software in the process.

Directory listings also boost SEO by providing high authority backlinks to your site. Given these advantages, we’ve curated a list of the top SaaS directories for you:

Check out our top SaaS directories picks with their traffic data and pricing details:

1. G2

SimilarWeb Monthly Traffic: 4.1M

Listing: Free

G2 takes a community-focused approach to create a unique environment where users are eager to support brands with reviews. With over 5.5 million buyers on the platform, it's an excellent place to generate leads for your brand.

G2 offers detailed reviews by asking over 60 questions and makes comprehensive qualitative reports for comparing products. Its tools and features include insightful taxonomy for comparing similar services, convenient searches and filters, easy review submission and editing, location-based filtering, and company profiles and descriptions. G2 provides custom quotes based on specific usage and requirements, ensuring fair and reasonable rates, and is a leading provider of intent data.

Moreover, in addition to being a SaaS directory, G2 provides marketing tools to help brands connect with the right buyers.

2. Capterra

SimilarWeb Monthly Traffic: 3.35M

Listing: Free and paid advertising options available.

Capterra is one of the oldest and most trusted SaaS directories. Buyers can access in-depth guides and research for various software verticals and leave reviews for software they’ve used, which increases social proof.

Since its acquisition by Gartner in 2015, Capterra has offered free services for both buyers and SaaS brands, providing valuable insights across over 800 categories.

With over 1.5 million rigorously validated reviews for fifty thousand products, Capterra is a software buyer’s go-to resource for software solutions. It also offers recommendations from in-house software experts, making it an ideal SaaS listing platform for vendors who want their products to get maximum visibility and buyers.

3. AppSumo

SimilarWeb Monthly Traffic: 3.2M

Listing: Free and paid

AppSumo, with over a million users, is a popular platform for startups to gain exposure by offering daily deals on digital products and online services. The platform is selective about the products it lists, so being featured on AppSumo signals quality and credibility to users.

As a unique SaaS marketplace, AppSumo requires approval and collaboration with its team to create a special "lifetime" deal. This can generate significant upfront cash flow, buzz, and new customers. However, supporting these customers indefinitely can strain resources, especially if they aren't the ideal customer type.

The lack of recurring revenue and the potential for negative reviews can also pose challenges. To maximize benefits, you can design packages that provide fair value while allowing upsell or cross-sell opportunities.

4. SlashDot

SimilarWeb Monthly Traffic: 3M

Listing: Free

Slashdot is a free SaaS directory and technology news site. It features thousands of open-source and commercial software packages.

Since buyers can find and evaluate software solutions here, SlashDot is extremely popular among tech professionals. The community-driven platform also allows users to submit news stories and engage in discussions, which is another attraction for tech professionals since they can engage in lively discussions and share insights and recommendations.

5. Gartner

SimilarWeb Monthly Traffic: 2.7M

Listing: Free and paid

Gartner is the parent company that acquired Software Advice in 2014, and GetApp and Capterra in 2015.

6. GetApp

SimilarWeb Monthly Traffic: 1.5M

Listing: Free

Another Gartner acquired SaaS directory, GetApp features interactive tools and detailed product data, making it easy for buyers to compare SaaS solutions side by side.

Buyers also benefit from access to feature research, industry insights, and trends. Verified user reviews further enhance the decision-making process.

7. Software Advice

SimilarWeb Monthly Traffic: 951K

Listing: Paid

Unlike other SaaS directories, Software Advice focuses on lead generation by connecting you with buyers that match your ideal customer profile (ICP).

To maintain the quality of listings, this paid platform screens products to ensure they are appropriate for the site.

8. TrustRadius

SimilarWeb Monthly Traffic: 858K

Listing: Free and paid

TrustRadius is another SaaS directory that offers unbiased reviews to help software buyers make informed decisions.

The platform is highly trusted, as it does not allow vendors to sell leads or pay for placements, which eliminates the possibility of unmanipulated results. While TrustRadius offers a free service, they also have a premium plan to help generate leads more quickly.

9. Serchen

SimilarWeb Monthly Traffic: 584K

Listing: Free and paid

Serchen focuses on cloud services with over 300 categories to help you find potential customers. Serving over 33,700 vendors, Serchen lets businesses discover and compare various software solutions, including SaaS.

Vendors can create detailed product profiles, and highlight features, pricing, user reviews, and ratings. While basic listings and access to user reviews are free, Serchen offers paid options for increased visibility. Premium listings and advertising give you benefits like priority search placement and promotional features.

10. SaaSHub

SimilarWeb Monthly Traffic: 552K

Listing: Free

SaaSHub ranks products based on user upvotes and downvotes. The top-voted products receive higher visibility.

As an independent software marketplace, SaaSHub aims to provide objectivity and simplicity in helping businesses research new services. It offers alternatives and reviews for existing products so individuals can perform comparison buying with in-depth product knowledge and financial responsibility.

11. GoodFirms

SimilarWeb Monthly Traffic: 469K

Listing: Free

GoodFirms focuses on reviews and ratings, making it easier for B2B buyers to compare various products. The platform, with its growing community of over 110,000 listed brands, offers exposure and insights for software and service providers looking to enhance their credibility and reach.

12. SoftwareSuggest

SimilarWeb Monthly Traffic: 446K

Listing: Free (Basic). Tailored pricing for PPC options

SoftwareSuggest is not just a SaaS directory but also a lead generation platform. Based in India, SoftwareSuggest is expanding internationally, targeting North America and Europe.

Unique to this platform is its software evaluation tool, where a qualified analyst reviews your product and posts an official review, which adds credibility for both startups and consumers.

Product rankings on SoftwareSuggest are determined by profile completeness, average star rating, and the number of reviews, with options to enhance rankings through PPC campaigns or premium options. In addition to this, SoftwareSuggest ensures that personal information is not sold to third-party vendors.

13. SaaSWorthy

SimilarWeb Monthly Traffic: 408K

Listing: Free and paid

With SaaSWorthy, stakeholders make informed product decisions. The platform provides unbiased and insightful reviews, detailed comparisons, Q&A sections, social popularity metrics, and comprehensive buyer guides.

14. SelectHub

SimilarWeb Monthly Traffic: 346K

Listing: Free and paid

SelectHub is a platform designed for software product owners to present solutions and engage with potential customers.

It offers some basic features for free but primarily functions on a paid subscription model. Subscribers gain access to a range of tools, such as enhanced visibility, advanced analytics, and personalized support. The tools help vendors effectively market their products and reach their target audience in the competitive software industry.

15. TechnologyAdvice

SimilarWeb Monthly Traffic: 311K

Listing: Free

TechnologyAdvice is a user-focused SaaS directory that facilitates informed purchasing decisions by providing a wide range of resources, including product listings, a resource library, and software search capabilities across various categories.

It serves as a B2B program for software recommendation and review, leveraging its database of decision-makers to generate valuable leads for vendors. The platform offers buyer’s guides and personalized recommendations based on specific requirements, ensuring relevant results.

16. Peerspot

SimilarWeb Monthly Traffic: 294K

Listing: Free and paid

PeerSpot, formerly IT Central Station, is a platform where professionals can find in-depth reviews and answers about software products and services. In October 2021, PeerSpot raised $30 million in a Series A funding round to expand its focus on enterprise software buyers.

With over 550,000 enterprise tech professionals using the platform, PeerSpot is a resource for these professionals to exchange information and advice with peers.

17. FinancesOnline

SimilarWeb Monthly Traffic: 283K

Listing: Free and paid

FinancesOnline is a major SaaS directory for product categories like remote work, CRM, project management, accounting, HR, and Help Desk solutions.

18. CrozDesk

SimilarWeb Monthly Traffic: 132K

Listing: Free and paid

CrozDesk connects buyers with appropriate vendors, especially if they’re looking for HR, Project Management, and Workflow Management SaaS products.

19. SpotSaaS

SimilarWeb Monthly Traffic: 129K

Listing: Free

spotSaaS is a software recommendation platform where we connect buyers and sellers of software products. We help the software buyers make a better product decision based on unbiased reviews, software comparisons, social popularity, and buyers guide.

20. SoftwareFinder

SimilarWeb Monthly Traffic: 16K

Listing: Paid

What sets Software Finder apart are personalized software recommendations through consultations, an extensive resource library with in-depth articles and guides, and easy demo scheduling directly through the platform. Additionally, Software Finder provides vendors with marketing strategy assistance and lead generation support.


We hope this list helps you find the relevant SaaS directories for your product.

Our tip: Get listed on as many as you can to boost visibility and SEO.

Remember, getting listed on a SaaS directory is just the beginning. Once you start getting traffic, ensure that your website is optimized for conversions.

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