DFY Linkable Assets

A linkable asset is a page on your site that passively attracts organic links.

How it works

We create data-rich pages targeting keywords like "credit card fraud statistics," "New York real estate market," or "publishing industry facts."

We cater to journalists and researchers seeking a convenient one-stop shop for statistical information for their articles. Sometimes, they'll credit your website as the data source instead of the original source.

Before crafting these linkable assets, we evaluate similar stats pages in your industry to ascertain the potential of a particular topic or keyword. We analyze backlinks to your competitors' stats pages to ensure that we're picking linkworthy topics.

Quality links

Get up to 30-100 white-hat backlinks per page in the first year. Without any outreach efforts.

Organic traffic

Stats pages that rank for dozens of long-tail keywords and attract organic traffic.


pages created
per month

Page Structure

A typical page layout includes:

  • Brief introduction
  • Key takeaways (top 5-10 most sought-after statistical facts)
  • Stats by category (3-10 data points per category)
  • FAQ section (same data points presented as Q&A for featured snippets)
  • Conclusion
  • List of sources


Data points


Interactive charts


Primary sources

The Process

Stats pages creation process


Topic Selection

We analyze your industry and suggest low-competition seed keywords with proven potential to attract niche-relevant backlinks.


Data Collection

We build the initial draft by gathering all available statistical facts on the topic to gain a broader understanding of the industry.


Data Updates & Validation

For each data point, we find current, credible primary sources, verify their authenticity, and enrich the drafts with any new information we uncover.


Structuring & Writing

After gathering all the data, we structure it to provide readers with a comprehensive industry overview.



We dedicate a separate step to fact-checking, ensuring accurate interpretation of all the information.


Charts Creation

We design interactive charts and data tables to make the page visually engaging and easy to skim through.



These articles are typically quite long (averaging 15 pages), so we want to ensure they're absolutely flawless and free from errors.



By default, you'll receive a Google Docs file with the article and a spreadsheet with JS/Iframe codes for chart embedding. Wordpress-ready HTML code is available upon request.

Our Pricing

100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you're not completely satisfied with the service we've done for you, just let us know and we'll make it right or send you a full refund.

$625 page

Standard Linkable Asset

  • 40-60 data points
  • 10-12 charts
  • 10+ data sources
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Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on your industry and the competition there. For best-case scenarios please check backlink profiles of pages that already rank for keywords like "{your industry} statistics".

We can create these stats pages for most industries, including 'shady' ones.

We create statistics pages that are US-centric. All of the data will relate to the US. We do not currently cover the UK or Australian markets.

These stats pages have to rank for numerous long-tail keywords to attract backlinks, which might be hard to achieve with fresh websites in competitive niches. Other than that, this strategy works for most of websites.

The typical turnaround time is 2-3 weeks.

Have questions? Let's talk!

Please fill in the and we'll get back to you within one business day, or simply drop us a message via the live chat.